Main Topics

Polar Lipids and Skin

PAF and Skin Inflammation

Sunburn cells in dermatology

Carnosol and skin

RNA methylation in skin diseases

Trimethylamine N oxide and skin

SCID Mouse models in dermatology

RNA sequencing and its applications in dermatology

Experimental imiquimod stıudies in dermatology

Zebra fish models in experimental dermatology

Maths models in skin diseases

Genotype, fenotype, endotype and skin diseases

Chitotriosidase in dermatology

The role of the water system as exogenous factor in skin diseases

Panacea Treatments in aesthetic dermatology

Sunscreens: FDA regulations, enviromental and health impact

INTERSUN and similar organisations

Liposomes in cosmeceutics

UV, sugar and smoking in skin aging

Hyaluronic acid applications in dermatology

Facial safe zones for soft tissue filler injections

Nano- and micro-fat grafts for anti-aging

Cellular lethargy and MtDNA deletion during skin aging

Androgens and skin aging

Greening th dermatology Office: saving resources, enviroment and Money (Waste problems/Planned Obsolescence)

Gravity and skin aging/hair loss

Ogee curve and aesthetic dermatology

Skin antiaging strategies

Copper and skin health

SASP /Senescence associated secretory phenotype) and skin aging

Tear Trough filler techniques utilizing HA: An update

Offlabel RF uses in aesthetic dermatology

Offlabel uses HA filler treatments in dermatology

PRP, liquid plasma or PRF: Which one is better?

What is new in epilation lasers?

Pigmentation lasers: What is new?

Vascular lasers: What is new?

What's the difference between Hot and Cold laser-lipolysis

Facial overfill syndrome

HIFU or LIFU: Which one is better?

Anhedonia and skin diseases

Effect of sexual dimorphism in facial attractiveness

Fomo/Momo/Jomo/Phubbing/Netless-fobia in skin diseases

Negative emotions in dermatology

Sleep hygiene in dermatology

DLQI improvements after anti-allergic biologics

DLQI improvements after anti-psoriatic biologics

Guideline for prevention of surgical site infection

CDC recommendations for STDs

CDC recommendations for fungal skin diseases

CDC recommendations for parasitic skin diseases

CDC recommendations for viral skin diseases






Biologic treatment response according to HLA types

Real life data of biologics for psoriasis

Immunogenicity of biologics

New topicals for psoriasis

Acne and nutrition: Myths and facts

Acne and rosacea: Non-drug therapies

Alopecia/Nondrug therapies

Topical dapson for skin diseases

DLQI improvements after anti-HS biologics

Green tea in dermatology

Vitiligo/Non drug therapies

Psoriasis and micro-organisms

Behçet diseases and microorganisms

Connective tissue diseases and microorganisms


Chemoprevention of melanoma

Essential oils

TEN: IVIG or Steroid

Hutchinson’s-Pseudo-Hutchinson’s signs

Dermoscopy in Blacks


Vascular patterns

Chaos and Clues in dermoscopy

Sequential digital dermoscopy: Significance for dermatologist

Blue color in dermoscopy

Capillaroscopy: What is new?

Immunocryotherapy/cryo-immunotherapy in dermatology

Dermatologic conditions in patients of Africans ancestry

Drug-induced tooth and mucosal discoloration in dermatology

Drug/medical erros in dermatology

Chronotherapy in dermatology

Rethinking biotin therapy in dermatology

Invention in dermatology

Registries in dermatology practice.

Personalizing dermatology

Skin diseases in shift workers

The ethics of medical marijuana in dermatology

Back to the roots-dermatology in ancient medicine

How to increase patient adherence to treatment

L-arginine and skin diseases

Adverse events to checkpoint inhibitors.

Vitiligo and hearing loss

Mycosis fungoides: Bexarotene experiences in Türkiye

Importance of nocturnal moisturizations in allergic skin diseases

Wet Wrap therapy in allergic skin diseases

Post-scabietic pruritus: What is new?

Jak inhibitors and atopy: What is new?

Nondrug treatments in allergic skin diseases

Urticaria and microorganisms: Myths and facts:

UV treatments in dermato-allergy

Dupilumab: What is new?

Omalizumab: What is new?

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