Main Topics

Mitochondrial DNA and Dermatology

Survivin in Dermatology

Inflamm-aging in skin: Update

Exosoms in dermatology

Simulation models in dermatology education

Postmodern treatments in dermatology

H2 antagonists in dermatology

Intestinal bacterial overgrowth in dermatology

Microneedling combined procedures in aesthetic dermatology

Liquid collagen: Where are we now for dermatology?

Ceramides and skin

Beta-carotene/Astaxanthin/CoenzymeQ10 and dermatology

Zinc/Selenium and skin

Colostrum and skin

Shock waves in aesthetic dermatology

HIFEM in aesthetic dermatology

Hypericin-The facts about a controversial agent

Thermography in dermatology

Aquaporins in dermatology

Integrins/HIF1alpha/VEGF/PAI1 in dermatology

Skin flasters and dermatology

Role of skin pH in psoriasis

Psoriasis and itch

Psoriasis and alopecia

Nail-lacquers in dermatology

Topical brimonidine in dermatology

eHealth Technologies in dermatology

Best dermatology softwares

Vinegar in dermatology

Topical steroid holiday

Topical “jump start” therapies in dermatology

Face shapes and cosmetical approaches

Urea/Ammonium lactate and skin

Topical timolol and nifedipine in dermatology

Lithium and skin

Amitriptyline in dermatology

Topical JAK inhibitors and skin

Nocturnal pruritus in children

Nocturnal pruritus in elder

Chocolate in dermatology

Adhesive and duct tapes in dermatology

Comparisons of different matricectomy techniques in ingrown toenails

Cutibacterium and dermatology

Wrinkles and associated systemic problems

Cytokines VS chemokines in dermatology

Guidelines for treatment of HS

Molluscum contagiosum: What’s new?

Sunscreens: What’s new?

Differences between B and T cells

Surgical accidents/Blood exposure risks in Dermatosurgery

Nod2: The intestinal gate keeper in dermatology

Orphan diseases in Dermatology; Syndromes associated with palmoplantar keratoderma, ichthyosis, urticaria, pigmentation disorders, oral ulcer

Orphan drugs in dermatology

Orphan tests and diagnostic approaches in dermatology

Industry 4.0/5.0 and dermatology

Polymaviruses in dermatology

When does start skin aging?

Diagnostic criteria in dermatology

Aminoacid metabolism disorders and skin manifestations

Elastography in dermatology

Latest small molecule inhibitors for hair and skin

Are they immortality formulas: Metformin, resveratrol and rapamycin

Ketogenic diet in dermatology

Fuzzy logic techniques in dermatology

Physician burnout in dermatology

Total treatment doses in dermatologic treatments

Skin penetration enhancers in dermatology

Sunscreens and vitamin D

Transepidermal elimination in dermatology

Peeling skin syndromes and diseases in dermatology

Off-label uses of HA fillers in aesthetic dermatology

Nobel Prize of Aziz Sancar and Dermatology

Atopy patch test: What is new?

New vitamin D analogues in dermatology

Reading book and Health

Mechanoreceptors in dermatology: an overview

Ageism in aesthetic dermatology

Tears in dermatology

Allergic rhinitis/asthma/conjunctivitis and dermatology

Panel or Manel/Sex discrimination in Dermatology Congress

Skin aging and epigenetics (Anti-aging genes)/SIRT1: as antiaging

CCR-5 in dermatology

Cellular oxygen sensor systems in skin

Diet and aesthetic dermatology

BDDA: Myths and facts in aesthetic dermatology

VAC (Vacum assisted Closure) Therapy in dermatology

Suction blisters/Microdermabrasion in dermatology

Disease mongering in dermatology

The impact of airborne pollution on skin

Ethanol uses in dermatology

Follistatin/Activin A and skin/hair

Procedural machine uses in pediatric dermatology

Complications of skin biopsy

The value of pre-surgical photography in dermatology

Continuous-wave laser hyperthermia in dermatology (Thermotherapy)

Botulinum toxins for nasel area problems

Dermatology in Asians

Blue light and skin health

Flow-cytometry in dermatology

Recommended excision margins of skin cancers

The skin aging exposome

Epidemiology of cosmetic procedures in dermatology

Standart guidelines for setting up a dermatosurgery theatre

Postoperative hemorrhage risk after outpatients dermatosurgery procedures and prevention

Dermatosurgery and cosmetic procedures during pregnancy

Venous lake: What is new?

A Holistic approach to skin aging

Intergrative approaches of psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, melasma, pruritus, superficial fungal infections

The economics of skin cancer

Lipoma: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Liposuction: A surgical procedure in aesthetic dermatology

Piezogenic pedal papules: Etiology and treatment

Xanthelasma: What is new?

Guidelines fort he use of local anesthesia in Office-based dermatologic procedures

Jolly Roger Sign in Dermatology

Managements and treatment of Keratosis pilaris: Update

Lase hair removal of genital area

Bowen disease: Update

Plepharoplasty: Basics for dermatologist

Giants in dermatology

Biological rhythms in the skin

Does poor sleep quality affect skin ageing

Periorbital hyperpigmentation: Etiology, medical evaluation and treatment

Periorbital wrinkles: Etiology and treatment

Acoustic waves in aesthetic dermatology

Low-level laser treatment in dermatology

Cryolipolysis: What is new?

Smoking and skin aging

Adaptive immunotherapy in dermatology

Immun checkpoint inhibitors and dermatology

EGFR inhibitors and skin

Human 3D skin models

ELISA in dermatology

Screening HLA to prevent drug reactions and systemic involvement of some dermatoses

Free fatty acids in dermatology

Managing psoriasis in patients with HBV or HCV infection

Endermologie in aesthetic dermatology

Alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids in dermatology

Fractional photothermolysis in aesthetic dermatology

Hyaluronon and skin

Predatory publishing and congress in dermatology

Colours in dermatology (White, black, Brown, purple, yellow, green, redness)

IGF in dermatology

Ghrelin in dermatology

Laser, HIFU and RF treatments in hyperhidrosis

Inflammatory skin diseases (Psoriasis, acne and seborrhea) and Botulinum toxins

TGF-Beta and Dermatology

Understanding the differences of emollient, moisturizer and humectant in dermatology

Novel modalities in keloid and hypertrophic scars

Magnetic resonance in dermatology

Pressure ulcers: What is new?

Ultrastructural changes after Botulinum toxin injections

Myths and facts in dermatology

Are there a golden ratio and proportions of beauty

Picosecond lasers in dermatology

Hypo/hyper/absence (A)-conditions in dermatology

Gummy smiles and treatment

Visual loss in aesthetic dermatology

Tears trough problems and fillers

Red scrotum syndrome and male genital dysaesthesia

Financial toxicity in dermatology

Retaining ligamants of face in aesthetic dermatology

Fat pads of face and aesthetic dermatology

The diffrences of drug doses according to etnicity and sex in dermatology

Dupilumab in dermatology: Indications and adverse events

Histopathologic studies in aesthetic dermatology

Microscopes in dermatology

5-FU in dermatology

Chitosan in dermatology

Can we analyse skin aging by blood markers?

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