About Us

The International Academy of Dermatology and Cosmetology (INDERCOS) was founded as a non-profit association on the 12th of September 2014 in Türkiye. The concept of a INDERCOS originated a few years earlier from discussions of the Mersin Dermatology and Cosmetology Association Meeting (MDCA) by Prof Dr Ümit Türsen. There was a growing desire to harmonise the specialist training of Dermato-Venereology within the dermatologists all around the world. Cooperation of all dermatology associations and International INDERCOS Academy have been represented a milestone for the history of the World Dermatology. Notion of these collaborations include publish new specific and different books, new articles and organisation of new congresses all around the world. INDERCOS collaborations are going to new educational programmes in different Conferences and also give different aesthetic and clinic courses, workshops around the World. We already did these scientific meetings in Havana, Cuba, Rome-Italy and Cairo-Egypt. Main INDERCOS congress have been done in İstanbul middle of the March in every year. In these meetings, all workshops, round tables, and symposia were extremely scientifically accurate and well attended. We are planning to do new resident Exchange programmes also new booklet Project for young dermatologist in near future. The vision of the INDERCOS is to be the Pioneer World Dermato-Venereology Society with the important aims of leading to improved quality patient care, continuing medical education for all Dermato-Venereologists within all countries, and advocacy on behalf of the speciality and patients. In order to do this, the idea of sister societies such as ESCAD, WHA, Gallen was introduced, allowing these organisations to have full participation in INDERCOS Congresses.

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