Clinical Dermatology

Serotonin for happiness as dermatological aspect
Serotonin antagonists in dermatology
Opiate antagonists in dermatology
α-adrenergic agonist uses in dermatology
Biofeedback therapies in dermatology
Hypnosis in dermatology
Psychotherapy in dermatology
The impact of psychosocial stress on healthy skin
Topical and systemic antibiotic resistance in dermatology
Topical anti-androgens: Does it work in dermatology?
Urocanic acid in the skin: A mixed blessing?
Dysmorphic disorders and Munchausen syndrome in dermatology
Patterns of hyperhidrosis and dermatological approaches
Gustatory skin problems
Acetylcholine related skin diseases
Adrenaline-noradrenaline related skin diseases.
Hamartomas in dermatology
Phantom sign on skin
Exercises-induced skin diseases
Azelaic acid in dermatology
Nitrous oxide oxygen analgesia in dermatology
Secondary skin manifestations after internal surgery (Bariatric surgery, mastectomy)
Pain-related skin diseases
Cephalalgia in Alopecia
Paresthesia related skin diseases
Neurological itch management
Skin manifestations of eating disorders
Skin manifestations of drug addictions
Doping related skin diseases
Amputee problems in dermatology
Technology-related skin diseases
Cutaneous findings in the elderly
Eggs and dermatology
Nuts and dermatology
Propolis and dermatology
Raw foods for skin health
Milk and dermatology
Dapson/sulphapyridine uses in dermatology
Sympathectomy in dermatology
Sugar and skin problems
Sirolimus: A therapeutic advance for skin diseases.
PDL1 inhibitors for skin cancers
BTK/ITK inhibitors in dermatology
Oxybutynin uses in dermatology
Proteosome inhibition in dermatology
WNT modulation in dermatology
Oral mini-pulse steroid therapies in dermatology
Oral mini-pulse retinoid therapies in dermatology
Nerve blocks for dermatologists
Forensic medicine and skin manifestations
Complementary medicine for skin cancers: The oncologist aspect
Steroid-phobia: What can we do?
Daylight therapies in dermatology
DNA methylation in dermatology
Metabolic syndrome in dermatology
Ion channels in dermatology
Glycosylation in aging
Epigenetic studies in dermatology
Stem cell modulation in dermatology
JAK/STAT modulation in dermatology
Circadian rhythm and skin diseases
Anti-CGRP monoclonal antibodies in dermatology
Cannabioid agonist in dermatology
Oral contraceptives in dermatology
The importance of condom/cervical diaphragm uses in dermatology
Oral sex and STD
Partner treatments for STD
Sexual function disorders in dermatology
Sexual abuse: How can we know?
Estradiol/progesterone related skin diseases
The importance of testosterone/DHT for skin diseases
Circumcision and genital diseases
Online patient programmes in dermatology
Microencapsulation technology in dermatology
ProBNP for skin diseases
Resistin/Leptin (Adipokines) related skin diseases
SADBE/DCP in dermatology
Camellia sinensis in dermatology
Flavonoid uses in dermatology
Use of podophyllin (podophyllum resin) and podophyllotoxin in dermatology
Effectiveness of Glycyrrhizinic Acid (Glizigen)/Glycyrrhiza for skin diseases
BCG/PPD in dermatology
Salicylic acid in dermatology
Garlic/Onion/Pineapple in dermatology
Fish oil for skin diseases
Honey/Propolis in dermatology
Colchicine for skin diseases
TTO in Dermatology
Ayurveda for skin diseases
Topical Dapson: Does it work in dermatology?
Antiviral Herbs: Botanical protection against viruses
Herbal drug interactions in dermatology
Echinacea in dermatology
Insulin resistance and skin diseases
Propionibacterium in dermatology
Autoimplantation therapy for skin diseases
Botanical dermatology: Plants and plant products injurious to the skin

Aesthetic Dermatology

Cosmetic procedures for children
Morphological and ethnic differences between men and women for aesthetic procedures
FDA-approved cosmetic procedures (Botulinum toxins, fillers, laser etc)
Holistic approach to anti-aging
Aesthetic dermatology in connective tissue diseases
Injection-phobia: What can we do in aesthetic dermatology?
Botulinum toxins: As a pain killer
Dual activity of Botulinum toxins
Body contouring with Botulinum toxins
Botulinum toxins: Which one is the better?
Botulinum toxins for facial palsy/asymmetric smile
Anti-aging properties of Botulinum toxins
Topical Botulinum toxins: Does it work?
Oily skin: What can we do?
Combination therapy of Botulinum toxin with other nonsurgical procedures
Combination therapies of injectable fillers for facial soft tissue enhancement with other nonsurgical procedures.
Combination therapy of PRP with other nonsurgical procedures
Combination therapies in aesthetic dermatology: How long should we wait?
Same day combination therapies in aesthetic dermatology
Topical anesthetics in aesthetic dermatology
Vibration: Does it work in aesthetic dermatology?
Anesthetic procedures for oral mucosa
Anti-cholinergic drugs in dermatology
Telomerase inhibitors in dermatology
Skin complications of injectable agents
Cosmetic camouflage in dermatology
New tatoo approaches in dermatology
Patient follow up programme and technology in dermatology
Ultrasound and skin diseases
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in dermatology
Herbal stem cells for anti-aging
Nanotechnology in dermatology
New tattoo approaches in dermatology
Vitamin A/B/C/D in dermatology
Biotin, folic acid, and coenzyme Q for skin health
Secrets of fillers
Glutathione as a skin whitening agent: Facts, myths, evidence and controversies
Assessment of intralesional injection of botulinum toxin for hypertrophic scars
Surgical myths in dermatology
Acne and diet
Psoriasis and diet
Autoimmune bullous diseases and diet
Gluten in dermatology
Systemic medication in dermatology and diet
Diets for skin cancers
Medical gloves for dermatologists
Is avoiding sun as dangerous as smoking?
Monophasic hyaluronic acid filler for nasolabial folds
Filler for periorbital regions


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