Main Topics

Immunogenetics and immunopharmacology in Urticaria

Immunogenetics and immunopharmacology in Psoriasis

The dermatologist and psoriatic arthritis

Position statement for the management of comorbidities in psoriasis

Immunogenetics in NMSC

Immunogenetics in Melanoma

Immunogenetics in Skin Bacterial Infections

Immunogenetics in Skin Aging-Özge Somuncu

Immunogenetics of Superficial fungal infections

Immunogenetics of HIV infection

Immnuogenetics of Vasculitis

Immunogenetics in CTD

Immunogenetics of Behçets disease

Immunogenetics of TBC

Immunogenetics of acne

The effect of milk consumption on acne

Efficacy of nonsurgical treatments for androgenetic alopecia

Immunogenetics of alopecias

Silver toxicity in dermatology

Immunogenetics Insights in Dermatological Treatment

Immunogenetic Profiling of Atopic Dermatitis

Pegylation in Dermatology

The tricky “trichs” in Dermatology

Ocular findings os skin diseases

Rhino-laringological findings of skin diseases

Turmeric: A condiment, cosmetic and cure

Vaccines: Are they triggering some skin diseases.

Vaccines related skin diseases

Biomimicry (Endocrine mimicry) in dermatology

Transenamic acid in Dermatology

Technology and skin side-effects

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or foe of dermatology?

Social media and Dermatology

Teeth and Dermatology

Neck involvement of skin diseases

Sleeping beauty: Is it anti-aging?

Tanning: Facts and Myths

Stress and aging

Gabapentin and pregabalin in Dermatology

End of the road for terbinafin in dermatophytosis

Gravity and its effects on aging human skin

Sleep wrinkles: How can we treat?

Anti-aging genes

Histone modifiers in dermatology

Identification of New Herpesvirus Gene Homologs in the Human Genome

Music and Dermatology

Mast cell secretory drugs and foods

Mast cell stabilizing agents

Transgenic animal studies in Dermatology

Modelling skin diseases: Lessons from the worlds of mathematics, physics and computer science

Fermi questions in Dermatology

The how, why and clinical importance of skin pH

Paradoxal phenomenon in Dermatology-Ayşe Serap Karadağ

Aesthetic Dermatology and Medical Ethic

Brachytherapy in Dermatology

Elimination diets in Dermatology

Oral provocation tests in Dermatology: Is it too risky?

Higher education-related skin diseases

Filaggrin in Dermatology

Mouth-washes in Dermatology

Lozenges in Dermatology

Apheresis in Dermatology

Medical shampoos in Dermatology

Anti-depressants and Dermatology

Demodicosis: New treatments, common misdiagnosis

Interesting dermoscopy indications in Dermatology

Collagen synthesis markers

Connective tissue diseases and malignancy

Antibiotic resistance in Skin Infections

Antibiotics in Behçet’s Disease

Antibiotics in Psoriasis

Antibiotics in Aesthetic Dermatology

Powerful anti-cancer herbs in Dermatology

Heavy metals, pesticides and insecticides-related skin diseases

Sine qua non in Dermatology

Diagnostic Tests for Alopecias

Medical textiles in Dermatology

The importance of Interstitium for skin

Spermidine uses for anti-aging

Reverse conditions in Dermatology

Integrins in Dermatology

How nature is good for our health and happiness?

Autologous serum and plasma skin tests in Dermatology

5 elements in Dermatology: Air (02), soil, heat, water, tree (woooden)

Dermatological medications and impaired driving

Urticaria guidelines: Consensus and controversies in the European and American Guidelines

Comparison of guidelines for the use of TNF-inhibitors for psoriasis in the U.S, Europe

Guidelines for autoimmune bullous diseases

Guidelines of NMSC in dermatology

Guidelines of melanoma

Guidelines of atopic and contact dermatitis in dermatology

Dermatoses caused by cultural practices: Therapeutic and cosmetic cultural practices.

Magistral formulations in Dermatology

Re-naming in Dermatology

Hair Graying: Whats new?

Hair manifestations of endocrine diseases

Oleo granuloma (Foreign Body Granuloma)

Allergic reactions in cosmetical procedures

Gun and pen uses in Aesthetic Dermatology

Needle stick and sharps injuries in dermatosurgery

Synthetic fillers for facial rejuvenation (polymethyl methacrylate, silicone, carboxymethyl cellulose, Polycaprolactone, Calcium hydroxylapatite, Poly-L-lactic acid, dextran fillers)

Microdroplet technique in aesthetic dermatology

Biofilms in aesthetic dermatology

Trans-oils and skin diseases

Anatomy and application of the sutures in Dermatosurgery

Anatomy and application of the scalpel and its variations in Dermatosurgery

Needles in dermatosurgery and aesthetic dermatology

What can we use for hemostasis in dermatosurgery

New retinoids in dermatology (Trifarotene etc)

N-acetylcysteine uses in dermatology

Oils for skin and hair as moisturizing

Network marketing in dermatology

Health economy in dermatology and aesthetic dermatology

Cost-Effectiveness of Biologic Agents in dermatology

Transdermal patches in dermatology and aesthetic dermatology

Intralesional therapies in nail disorders

Coffee-related skin diseases

Skin problems and EGFR-tyrosine kinase inhibitor

Sun protector diets

How to write and publish a scientific paper

Quality of life and melanoma

Melanoma, depression as anxiety

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