Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the 5th INDERCOS Congress, taking place 12-15 March 2020 in İstanbul-TURKEY. The main topics of this meeting will be “Immunogenetics in Dermatology and Aging”. Through plenaries and parallel workshop sessions, we aim to share insights and experiences and discuss how advances in aesthetic and general dermatology. In order to success this, we have very distinctive international speakers with extensive experience and a range of expertise across aesthetic dermatology and dermatology. Several major histocompatibility complex and nonmajor histocompatibility complex genetic polymorphisms have been identified which may contribute to the inflammatory skin diseases and skin aging. Most of these genetic variants are associated with mechanisms attributed to the pathogenesis of skin disease and aging, including pathways involved in cytokines, chemokine and vitamin regulation and ultraviolet light exposure and other environmental factors. Immunogenetics is a subspeciality of medicine that studies the relationship between genetics and immunology. Immunogenetics helps in understanding the pathogenesis of several autoimmune, malign, infectious skin diseases and also skin aging. 5th INDERCOS congress focuses on the genetic research areas of autoimmune skin diseases such as connective tissue diseases, psoriasis, skin cancers, vasculitis, skin aging and skin infections. Lectures on genetics of cell interaction with immune system, immune response to transplantation, immune based therapies for treatment of cancers and inflammatory skin diseases and aging, antigenic phylogeny of alleles, alloantigens will be discussed. We hope you will be together with us in this fascinating, high quality scientifically educational congress and we look forward to your precious participation and feedback.

Prof. Ümit Türsen Prof. Mustafa Atasoy
Co-President Co-President


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