Clinical Dermatology

Radiotherapy in dermatology
Cats and Dermatology
Cattle-related skin disease
Sea animals and Dermatology
Insect-related skin diseases
Acrally distributed dermatoses: Vascular dermatoses (purpura and vasculitis).
Unclassified vasculitis
Biologics or biosimilars: What is the difference?
Anticoagulants in dermatology
Surgical Myths in Dermatology
Basosquamous carcinoma: Controversies, advances and future directions
Cutaneous lymphomas for basic clinical practice guidelines
Dermatological emergency: TEN
Beta-blokers in Dermatology
Pentoxyfillin in Dermatology
HPV in Primary Immunodeficiencies
HPV in Secondary Immunodeficiencies
Capsaicin uses in dermatology
Potassium iodide uses in dermatology
Ivermectin in dermatology
Endothelin-receptor antagonists in Dermatology
Epiphenomenon and oxymoron conditions in dermatopathology
Metformine in Dermatology
Apremilast: Review in Dermatology
Micro-RNAs in Dermatology
Regulatory T cells: banned cells for decades
Regulatory T cells and skin tumors
Sinecathechines in Dermatology
HHV-6, 7 and 8 in Dermatology
Behçets Disease in Pregnancy
Connective tissue diseases and Pregnancy
Allergy and pregnancy
Pregnancy related pruritus
Pregnancy related pigmentations
Pregnancy and skin tumours
Female-prone skin diseases
Rotational systemic therapies in dermatology
Intermittant or pulse treatments in dermatology
The safest systemic dermatological treatments in pregnancy
The safest topical dermatological treatments in pregnancy
Neonatal and Infantile Common Skin Lesions
Neonatal and Infantile Rsre Skin Lesions
Dermatological surgery: Hidradenitis suppurativa, subcision, nail, etc.
The Application of CRISPR-Cas 9 and Genome Editing in Investigative Dermatology
Nanoscience in dermatology (Pınar Avcı)
Skin tests in dermatology
Patch and prick tests: What’s new?
Intralesional treatments in dermatology
Toll-like receptors and antimicrobial peptides in Dermatology
Topical 5-FU uses in dermatology
Evidence-based therapy for cutaneous sarcoidosis
Vitiligo: where do we stand?
Topical new treatments in AD (Crisaborole-Eucrisa, dipilumab injectable)
Alemtuzumab uses in dermatology
Becaplermin uses in dermatology
Misnomers in dermatology: An update
Phenomenon in dermatology: An update
Pseudo-conditions in Dermatology
Inverse-conditions in Dermatology
Innovative use of topical calcineurin inhibitors
Innovative use of topical vitamin D.
Treatment guidelines of HPV infections
Systemic phosphodiesterase inhibitors in dermatology
Topical phosphodiesterase inhibitors in dermatology
Ornithine decarboxylase inhibitors in dermatology
Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) inhibitors and skin
Topical IFN treatments: Does it work in Dermatology?
Depot-penicillin in dermatology
Potassium iodide uses in dermatology
The role of capsaicin in dermatology
Placebo therapy in dermatology 
Acetic acid uses in dermatology
Scoring systems of skin in dermatology
Scoring systems of nail and hairs in dermatology
Topical and systemic application of prostaglandins in Dermatology
Dermatoglyphics in dermatology
Wood lambs and Dermatology
Potassium Hydroxide in Dermatology 
Photodynamic therapy for skin infections
Stains for Dermatological Diagnosis (PAS, Methenamine silver etc..)
Tinea incognito: What’s new?
Chronic paronychia: What’s new?
Sporotrichoid pattern skin disease
Skin diseases affecting cleavage lines
Differential Diagnosis of Annular Lesions
Local hyperthermia in Dermatology
Phagedenic ulcers of skin in differential diagnosis
Chancriform ulcers in Dermatology
Mould infections ind Dermatology
Para-Aminobenzoic Acid  (PABA) treatment in Dermatology

Aesthetic Dermatology

How can we obtain Venus lips
Tricks and Tips for manual dermabrasion
Therapeutic use of HA in the treatment of CS-induced skin and subcutaneous atrophy
Textiles and Clothing in Dermatology
Water and Dermatology
Immunology of Acne
Rosacea and metabolic syndrome
Acne and metabolic syndrome
Psoriasis and metabolic syndrome
Home ultraviolet light therapies
Home laser therapies
Home chemical peelings
Cinema and dermatology
Novel (Art) and dermatology
Music and Health
The golden ratio of beauty:
Breast lift using Botulinum toxins
Types of Botulinum Toxin: Which one is the best?
Subcision in dermatology
Bioengineering of Human Skin Substitutes
Anti-aging diet
Anti-aging exercises
Anti-aging hormone replacement
Aging determination tests
Hormonal regulation of Aging
Menopause and Dermatology
Andropause and Dermatology
GH therapy and GH releasing nutrients, beta-HCG
Hair Growth Assessment Techniques
Pigmentation Assessment Techniques
Psychocutaneous Disorders of Hair and Scalp
Hair Cosmetics, Hair in Forensic Medicine
Hair over the Ages and in Art –The Culture, and Social History of Hair and its Depiction in Art
Female Pattern Hair Loss
Natural Products for Hair Care and Treatment
African Hair
Male Androgenetic Alopecia
Primary Cicatricial Alopecia
Secondary Cicatricial and other Permanent Alopecias
Diffuse Hair Loss
Hyaluronidases and Dermatology
Sensitive skin
Cell receptors for hyaluronic acid and Skin
New research on HA fillers
Local anesthesia for aesthetic dermatology: Whats new?
Topical peptides in Aesthetic Dermatology
Filaggrin and Dermatology
Nail tic disorders: Whats new?
Red lunula
Innovations in dermatology Radiofrequency ablation in Dermatology
Microsphere technology: hype or help? 
Mechanism discovered behind slower wound healing
Melatonin and hair
Melatonin and skin
Hormonal therapy of intrinsic aging
Modern approach to topical treatment of aging skin
Carboxytherapy uses in dermatology
Wound healing 
Hemostasis in Dermato-surgery: What’s New?
Smoking and skin aging
Alcohol and Skin
Sport and Skin: Benefits and damage
Melasma: New approach of laser treatments 
Can heat sources (e.g., heat lamps and warm) be useful to aid in healing?
Natural moisturizing factors in the skin  
Treatment of Facial Redness: What’ s new?
Topical nitroglycerin/glycerol trinitrate uses in Dermatology
Trichloroacetic Acid uses in Dermatology
Phenol and sodium hydroxide in Dermatology
Matricectomy Indications in Dermatology
Neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG)
Diode lasers in dermatology
Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers in Dermatology
Erbium glass lasers in dermatology
Alexandrite lasers uses in Dermatology
Laser for onychomycosis
Laser for HPV
Resistant tatoo: What can we do? 


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