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Dear Colleagues;

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the 1st International Dermatology and Cosmetology Congress (INDERCOS) which will be held in one of the most fascinating cities of the world, İstanbul.

Located on transcontinental crossroads; Turkey’s largest city is a gateway to the orient. Istanbul is considered as the economic, cultural and historical heart of Turkey. It’s a unique blend of both the East and the West.

We are looking forward to welcome dermatologists from all over the world in Istanbul to witness an unforgettable scientific event and to perceive the fascinating atmosphere of this city. The main topic of the 1st INDERCOS Congress will be “Evidence-Based Dermatology and Cosmetology”.

The question “Could Dermatology of today be considered to have two distinct camps?” will be debated. The two camps will be considered as follows; on one side, a growing army of cosmetic/surgical dermatologists armed with fillers, Botulinum toxins and lasers with patients happy to pay for these procedures, on the other hand, medical dermatologists which provide traditional therapies to patients. We believe that in the future of Dermatology training a new combination of cosmetic and medical dermatology will form and thanks to this unique training, dermatologists will have the medical knowledge and skill necessary to safely perform many cosmetic procedures.

The great mystic Mevlana had said “Come, come, whoever you are”. 

We are following this philosophic approach and saying “Come, come, whoever you are to all Medical dermatologists, cosmetic dermatologists, dermatopathologists and surgical dermatologists”

We look forward to your participation and greeting you in Istanbul.

Yours faithfully,

Prof Dr Ümit Türsen, MD
Congress President

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Mersin Dermatology and Cosmetology Association.
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